1 Reichspfennig Nazi German Coin

The 1 Reichspfennig Nazi German Coin was struck at various mints through the years of 1936 to 1945.  The obverse side of the 1 Reichspfennig has the "1" value directly in the center of the image. Two oak leaves are placed around the mint mark at the bottom and the top signifies the unit of currency for the coin.

From the years 1936 - 1939, the 1 Reichspfennig was struck in copper.  In 1940, the metal composition of the coin was changed to zinc and the reverse image was also changed.

The reverse image has the coat of arms of Germany on both versions. From the years 1936 - 1939, the coat of arms and a large oak wreath surrounding a swastika was directly below the eagle. "Deutches Reich" and the mint date were placed at the bottom of the image. In 1940, the wreath and swastika were made smaller. "Deutches Reich" moved to the top, and the mint date was placed by itself at the bottom.

1 Reichspfennig:
1936 - 1939; Copper composition - Reich Eagle over Large Swastika
1940 - 1945; Zinc composition - Reich Eagle over Small Swastika

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