Nazi Germany Coin Mint Marks

Nazi coins during the era of the third Reich were produced in coin factories at seven separate cities. These separate coin factories have a designated letter which signifies the mint in which they were made. This makes Nazi coins identifiable, and possible to determine which city they were minted in. Below are the designated letters and corresponding cities in which the coin factories were located.

  • A = Berlin
  • B = Wien (Vienna)
  • D = München (Munich)
  • E = Muldenhütten (Dresden)
  • F = Stuttgart
  • G = Karlsruhe
  • J = Hamburg

While some mints produced the same coin, not all mints produced every coin. Some Nazi Germany coins are more scarce than others. A few coin factories were allocated with a higher production run than some of the other mints. Some of these scarce coins include the silver 2 Reichsmark Luther coin which was only produced in 1933 at mints, A, D, E, F, G, and J. This coin was only produced in one year. A second coin that is scarce, is the silver 2 Reichsmark Schiller. It was only produced in the year 1934 at one coin factory in Stuttgart (F).

Mint Mark Location:

Locating the mint mark on a 5 and 2 Reichsmark coin (seen below), can be done by locating the designated letter, which is located under the date on the left corner of the obverse side. The mint marks for Reichspfennig coins (seen below) are located at the bottom center of the obverse side.

5 Reichsmark with Berlin (A) Mint Mark

5 Reichspfennig with Berlin (A) Mint Mark